Select Publications

  1. Paige Hartman, Kenneth Beckman, Kevin Silverstein, Sophia Yohe, Matthew Schomaker, Christine Henzler, Getiria Onsongo, Ham Ching Lam, Sarah Munro, Jerry Daniel, et al. Next generation sequencing for clinical diagnostics: Five year experience of an academic laboratory. Molecular genetics and metabolism reports, 19:100464, 2019.
  2. Getiria Onsongo, Linda B. Baughn, Matthew Bower, Christine Henzler, Matthew Schomaker, Kevin A.T. Silverstein, Bharat Thyagarajan. CNV-RF is a random forest based copy number variation detection method using next generation sequencing. The Journal of Molecular Diagnostics 18.6 (2016): 872-881.
  3. Sophia Yohe, Adam Hauge, Kari Bunjer, Teresa Kemmer, Matthew Bower, Matthew Schomaker, Getiria Onsongo, Jon Wilson, Jon Wilson, Jesse Erdmann, Yi Zhou, Archana Deshpande, Michael D. Spears, Kenneth Beckman, Kevin A.T. Silverstein Bharat Thyagarajan. Clinical validation of targeted next generation sequencing for inherited disorders. Arch Pathol Lab Med. 2015 Feb;139(2):204-10.
  4. Getiria Onsongo, Jesse Erdmann, Michael D. Spears, John Chilton, Kenneth Beckman, Adam Hauge, Sophia Yohe, Matthew Schomaker, Matthew Bower, Kevin A. T. Silverstein, Bharat Thyagarajan. Implementation of Cloud based Next Generation Sequencing data analysis in a clinical laboratory. BMC Res Notes. 2014, May; 23;7(1): 314
  5. Getiria Onsongo, Matthew D. Stone, Susan K. Van Riper, John Chilton, Baolin Wu, LeeAnn Higgins, Troy C. Lund, John V. Carlis and Timothy J. Griffin. LTQ-Quant: A freely-available software pipeline for automated and accurate protein quantification of isobaric tagged peptide data from LTQ instruments. PROTEOMICS: 2010 Oct; 10(19): 3533-8
  6. Getiria Onsongo, Hongwei Xie, Timothy J. Griffin, John V. Carlis. Relational operators for prioritizing candidate biomarkers in high-throughput differential expression data. ACM BCB 2010 (28% acceptance rate)

Invited Presentations

  1. A tool for identifying and correcting errors in plant breeding location data, 2019
  2. Great Lakes Bioinformatics Conference, Madison, WI

  3. Peptide and Protein Identification using MS/MS Data on the Galaxy-P Platform, 2018
  4. Computational Biology Workshop, Northfield, MN